Monday, January 21, 2008

SUN shines @ Sankalan 2008

Now thats a biggie for me :-)

Well. the good news is that Ms. Anuradha Sen (my coordinator from SUN) along with Mr. Ajay Ahuja (Learning Services, SUN Microsystems) would be coming to deliver a talk on "Sun Microsystems: Choice, Innovation & Value". This will introduce the participants to Sun Technologies and offerings in terms of products and trainings.
Its great to have their presence with us.
I, as the campus ambassador for Delhi University, would be responsible for managing everything related to it. And am i not happy? (to say the least, i'm excited, anxious, curious, confused, thrilled)...i hope you can see the mixed feelings. :-)
It would be a pleasure to meet such learned ppl and learn from their experience & knowledge. Really waiting for the big day.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet some learned people from the industry and win lots of prizes/certificates/trophies by winning competitions.

For further details on Sankalan 2008, please visit

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