Friday, December 28, 2007

I Me Myself -- You dont really wanna know me!!

Hi Friends,

First Let me introduce myself.
My name's Agraj (please pronounce it correctly :-) )
and i'm pursuing Masters Of Computer Applications from Delhi University.

This is my very first step into this world of blogging. Writing about myself never excites me as i dont consider myself a great personality which this world should know about.
Well i just started this one as i was bored with the likes of yahoo messanger, google talk and wanted to try something new, something different.

Well so far i refrained from it as i m aware of my grasp over the languge [:p] and didnt wanted everyone to know about it.
But damn it!, do i care ? Not anymore.
But i desire, i wish to improve upon my vocab, grammar (the list is endless :-) )

I'm not really a techno-freak but yes technologies do excite me and so does new and cool gizmos like tablet pcs and Apple's iphone. (wish i cud lay my hands on some of them)

For ppl, who are looking for updates on latest technologies (especially open source and related to java, i m planning to start another blog pretty soon)

Lastly, i want to say that dont expect great stuff from me.....its just a way to vent out my frustation [:p] and i will continue it as long as both of us can tolerate each other.