Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My "Sun"ny days

Well i have been recently selected as a Campus Ambassador for Delhi University by Sun Microsystems. :-)
Its basically an internship program but more than that, its about being a technology evangelist. It simply means Talking, and that is something i love. Yeah, i love talking about stuff i know (that includes technology talks as well as gossiping)
Sun Microsystems, as you might know, is a leader in the spectrum of Open Source, with most of its products and technologies being open source. They were the first one to quickly perceive the pervasiveness of open source technology in the software life-cycle. More than that, it allows technologies to grow at a never-ending rate with the help of online communities and discussion forums. Kudos to Sun Microsystems for that.
And for those who do not know, Open Source is not limited to software. Yeah, Sun engineers have also open-sourced their chip design. :-)

So, all students from Delhi University, feel free to contact me on agraj.mng@gmail.com and i will try my best to answer your queries asap.
For those who are interested, can join these groups:
Java User Group of Delhi University : http://groups.google.com/group/jug-du
OpenSolaris User Group of Delhi University : http://groups.google.com/group/osug-du
Don't forget to introduce yourself and tell why you want to join the group.

I think thats enough for today.
After all, its just the starting of my "Sun"ny days. Hope the fun continues with this quest of learning and sharing knowledge.

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