Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google Knows ME !!!

You don't believe it. Do you ?
Well, if you don't, just google over "Agraj Mangal".

The very first link leads to the blog entry of Mr Arun Gupta, a technology evangelist at Sun Microsystems, and is doing some great work on technologies like Glassfish, jMaki, JRuby, Ruby on Rails, Ajax Framework......perhaps the list is endless.
He is luckily a senior (an alumni of my Department) to me. (obviously lucky for me) :-)
and is a very down-to-earth and chilled out person.

And a big thanks to him, Google knows me now.....A friend of mine(Anuj) happened to told me about the search...and i just said...."Wow, is that so ?"

Also i happened to visit Sun's Office(in Delhi) yesterday and the experience was just amazing. It surely needs another entry to describe my experience.

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