Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Visit to Sun's Office, New Delhi

The day before, my mail read "Lets meet tomm at 10 at office" :-) and i was amazed to see 'no' address mentioned. I quickly called up my coordinator and asked her about the plan. And the destination was Munirka.
Now, for those people who do not already know, traveling in Delhi is not an easy job and that too, when you are unaware of the destination :)

So reaching office at 10 was not going to be easy. And i did not wanted to be late in the very first meeting. Always believed in "First impression is the last impression" stuff :p

So i left home at 8.15 and fighting the chilly winter, managed to reach there by 9.20, thanks to my bro (he gave me lift till Moti Bagh)
Well going to Munirka from there, was no big deal and i was getting nervous with each advancing step.

Then followd some pretty good moments of my life. I saw the Sun Microsystems Logo and the board welcoming me at the 5th floor.
Well i reached a lot early before time and my coordinator was not present there (obviously she has more important work to do and is not as free as i m) :-)

But getting a feel of that office was like once-in-a-lifetime experience. Though i sat at reception for a few minutes, my eyes were glued to the interiors(read infrastructure + facilities) of the office and it was really overwhelming to see a cool laptop and an Apple Machine on almost each desk !! Dont know why someone would want to play with two powerful machines at a time.
(even more amazed to know that this is not a development office) Still they need all that stuff...!!
But the staff over there was very friendly. They offered tea/coffee/water 3 or more times to me. and i was beginning to feel happy :-)

Meeting Anuradha Madam (my coordinator) for the first time was a pleasure. She came with another CA (Anwesha) and we had a small meeting, where we discussed about how can we create more awareness in Delhi and about communicating with other CA's.

All in all, it was something i think i will never forget. Its not like that i have not been to other companies before, but none was like this. :)

I hope they will have more meetings in future and i guess i got to meet more people working over there....

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