Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remembering the old Sunny Days

Although my tenure with Sun Microsystems (now Oracle Corp), working as a Sun Campus Ambassador was numbered (just 6 months), but I consider that to be an important phase in my life, a beginning of a new journey, something that motivated me to work on open-source technology and learn new and exciting stuff.

The bad, rather the ugly part is that I cannot access my Sun Blog anymore !! Yes, I have written to Oracle about it, but nothing has happened so far. Still the sole purpose of writing that post was to re-live moments of the past and  thanks to Arun Gupta, I’m re-posting one of my favourite entries again: A poem for me from one of my favourite professor: Dr. P.K. Hazra.

Under the SUN-MICROSYS SunRay
Has bloomed a Lovely Rose,
Over Joyful in Java & Solaris
Only one request I want to make
to the SUN's shining flower,
To remain in serene silence
During my lecture hour
                Quoted by Dr. P.K Hazra

and As they say,  “I’m really gonna miss this place, I’m gonna my college days…”

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