Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tech Talks @ DU

There's a lot happening at Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi, when you talk about interesting tech-seminars taking place.
Recently, we had a talk on "Open Source : How we already use it" by Aadhar Mittal, our new Sun Campus Ambassador. It was an introduction to Open Source, much needed for the new batch. He started by giving some insights on Open Source and gave examples from daily life that how we already make use of so much Open Source Software(OSS) without knowing about it. He talked about advantages of OSS and told how big companies like Sun mint money from their OSS. It was an eye opener for the first years since it was their first talk. I'm sure he's going to blog about it pretty soon and put up some nice pics....:-)

Now, the big one. Today, we also had a great lecture by Prof. Christelle Schraff, Pace University, New York on "Towards 'More' Correct Software". She talked about various phases of SDLC giving emphasis on testing. She also gave a short demo on JUnit (she used it in Eclipse) but the same can be done with NetBeans too. She also talked about Java Assertions and showed us the Rational Functional Testing Tool but it was too slow on her machine. She talked in brief about formal methods like theorem proving and about some of her open source projects. It was definitely an interesting seminar with the students getting lucky enough to get a chance to meet and interact with professors of her status.

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