Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is Java "Purely" Object-Oriented ??

There are two schools of thought here......obviously disagreeing on the issue.

One, considers Java to be purely Object-oriented language as
Every single program that you can write in Java has to be encapsulated
in a Class (unlike in languages like C++) i.e you cannot write any java
program without having to write a class and since we know that every

class in java implicitly extends Object class, thereby exhibiting characteristics and features of an Object-Oriented Language.

On the other hand, some people refute the previous claim by saying that
Since there are primitive data types in Java such as int, double, char, boolean etc. and we can write a simple program in Java without having to create any object or without having to use other objects or predefined classes, so it can't be called as a completely object-oriented language, especially when we compare it with languages such as Smalltalk, Python, Lisp etc.

As it goes, I'm also a bit confused on the issue but i would like to believe that Java is a
purely object-oriented language.

Any comments, corrections are welcome and required. :-)


deepti said...

i think java is purely object oriented as every object in java is encapsulated and it is strong language as well so everythin in java is surrounded among its object and class and it has a well defined syntax so therefore java is purely an object oriented language as compared to oops which is partially object oriented.

Agraj said...

hi deepti,
please tell me what do you mean by "oops is partially object oriented"
I agree to your explanation of Java being object-oriented, but at the same time, we can create a simple java program without having to use objects at all !!
Just use the simple data types.
Infact, of late, I have changed my view that Java is completely object oriented, ever since I have started with Python. :-)

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